Effectiveness of AML policies: Transaction Monitoring

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Tuesday, 20 April, 2021 - 10:00 to 11:15

Good AML policies start with transaction monitoring by operators but the burden and operational risks are growing, and the success rate is low. Operators, mostly banks are increasingly cooperating with each other to exchange best practice in monitoring, and with the Financial Intelligence Units to avoid reporting of false positives and facilitate enforcement. This however raises huge problems about data exchange and protection, free competition and division of competences. The objective of this webinar is to discuss the day to day work in applying AML rules, and exchange ideas on how to facilitate enforcement in the run-up to the AML directive revisions foreseen this Spring. It builds on the CEPS-ECRI task force report “Anti-Money Laundering in the EU: Time to get serious” published in January.



  • Carolin Gardner, Team Leader AML, EBA
  • Mark Turkington, Global Head of Transaction Monitoring Controls, HSBC
  • Matthew Elderfield, Head of Group Compliance, Nordea
  • James Tromans, Technical Director at the Office of the CTO, Google Cloud
  • Ilze Znotina, Head of Financial Intelligence Unit Latvia

Moderated by Karel Lannoo, CEPS and ECRI